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Fiber Optics

What we've done...

Many of the items that are critical to the success of the 21st century Warfighter can be achieved through the introduction of fiber optics components and systems. Weight reduction, less electronic signatures, and increases in energy efficiencies are just some of the reasons that the use of fiber optics offers to the Warfighters. Working with our partners in the EOA, Northrup Grumman ship systems, RSL systems, and kSaria, we have successfully demonstrated how fiber optics can be introduced to replace conventional items and deliver increased performance, greater reliability and greater efficiencies. A remote source lighting system developed through efforts sponsored by the Office of Naval Research has been successfully implemented on the latest Navy vessels being commissioned. Further, efforts to develop equipment needed to make the installation of fiber optic cable easier for the Warfighter has, also, been led through the EOC. Finally, we have been responsible for training those in charge for the acquisition and fielding of fiber optics components and systems with the tools they need to succeed.

Electro-Optics Center, remote source lighting
Remote source lighting for LPD and DDG class ships.

Where we're going...

As the prevalence of wide-area surveillance networks continues to expand we will develop the fiber optical data transfer protocols and supporting fiber infrastructure required to seamlessly move enormous amounts of data between Warfighters. One specific area of interest will be to provide dynamically-allocated wavelength services aggregated at terabit per second speeds

Electro-Optics Center, Fiber Optics
Pallet: Fixture for automated termination of cable assemblies. This facilitates queuing of cable assemblies during production, and allows fixturing for various termini.

Based on the success of our team of industry partners, we will continue our efforts in RSL through the use of expanded applications, increased efficiencies, and solid state light sources. Our continued participation in the IEEE, SAE, and JEDEC standards groups will ensure standards related to photonic devices, network architectures, and fiber optic sensors will support the needs of the Warfighter.

How to engage...

To find out how our fiber optics group can be used to your benefit, contact us here.