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Night Vision Technologies

What we've done...

The EOC has been involved with the development of night vision equipment products because of the critical role of this technology to the Warfighter. With up to 80 percent of combat missions occurring at night, it is critical our Warfighters maintain tactical superiority with this equipment. Our expertise involve prototyping and testing of weapon-mounted sights, goggles, and hand-held systems.

image of Automated Intensifier Measurement System
Automated Intensifier Measurement System

In addition to our expertise in component level product testing, we have also developed a NIST-traceable image intensifier tube machine vision test. The EOC's Automated Intensifier Measurement System (AIMS) is the first to test intensifier tubes through an automated objective process rather than a subjective manual process. In so doing, we are able to reduce the test cycle; reuse components that were thought to be non-functional; and reduce the backlog demand for intensifier tubes. Through this we will save the government over $20,000,000 per year.

image of Night Vision Devices
Night Vision Devices, Courtesy of OSTI/FLIR

Where we're going...

We will continue to advance state-of-the-art in night vision technology through advancements in wide field-of-view goggles, digital detectors, and fusion goggles. Further, we will work to expand the use of the AIMS systems to include additional intensifier tube form factors. Through these efforts we will seek to reduce the development cycle, reduce costs and continue to provide the tactical superiority U.S. troops currently realize.

How to engage...

To find out how our expertise in night vision systems can benefit you, contact us here.

image of AIMS components shown with cover removed
AIMS components shown with cover removed

image of AIMS ribbon cutting ceremony
AIMS ribbon cutting ceremony upon delivery to Tobyhanna Army Depot for tube testing.