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Building Better Warfighters


Surveillance Systems

What we've done...

The EOC develops novel systems and components needed for the acquisition and processing of critical data for the Warfighter.

image of Cerberus Tower System
Cerberus Tower System

We provide low-risk, low-cost, and high-performance panoramic imagers with the primary benefit to the US Warfighter. The EOC has developed panoramic imagers for use in military applications such as the SuperBuoy; a submarine-launched situational-awareness panoramic imager; and the Sea Monkey, an unmanned underwater situational-awareness vehicle. We have also leveraged our expertise in surveillance systems to improve the Cerberus tower.

graphic of Stitched Panoramic Image
Stitched Panoramic Image

Where we're going...

We will continue to develop imaging systems that provide critical information to the Warfighter by providing our customers with custom surveillance solutions that address technology gaps and fulfill specific needs. Our future efforts will include work towards solving harbor security issues by developing a man-portable, mast-mountable renewable energy surveillance camera. We will use our expertise in sensors, panoramic imaging, fiber optics, and UAV networks to build common digital sensor architectures that can be used in a ship/harbor environment. We plan to take our research toward developing small, high-resolution, low-power solutions with open and extensible architecture and transfer these surveillance solutions to the Warfighter.

How to engage...

To find out how our expertise in surveillance system technologies can benefit you, contact us here.