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Optics and Photonics

Fiber optics and photonics systems and components are the core of many critical DoD systems. At the EOC, we have a complete range of capabilities to support government and commercial sponsors to advance these critical systems and components. From requirements analysis to prototype development and testing, we are prepared to develop solutions to meet Warfighter needs.

icon for Optical Design informationOptical Design
We have the capability to design complex optical systems using Zemax and Code V software packages. Our dedicated optical designers are utilized to design components for EOC systems and for custom applications.

icon for Optics CharacterizationOptics Characterization
We support in house fabrication with a wide array of characterization equipment. From component surface characterization to full optical train analysis, we are able to assess optical performance throughout the entire development process.

icon for Fiber Optics informationFiber Optics
The EOC offers expertise in optical networks, photonic-integrated circuits, optical interconnect and fiber-optic sensors. Our efforts have been instrumental in advancing the utilization of fiber-optics to support military platforms.