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Testing and Evaluation

Complex electro-optics systems require significant test and evaluation throughout the entire development process. The EOC has established significant internal test and evaluation capabilities that range from component level testing to complete system evaluation. These capabilities are available to external customers to support their development process. They are also available to government sponsors for third-party evaluation where there is no conflict of interest. Because we utilize our internal testing and evaluation capabilities for our own system development, our engineers are well versed in incorporating these processes to develop customized test plans that strike a balance between system cost, safety and performance. Through this combination technical expertise and equipment, we are able to determine the critical tests and evaluations needed and develop a cost-effective plan to accomplish them.

icon for laser diode information Laser Diodes
The EOC improves the reliability of laser diode packaging by combining numerical analysis, reliability testing, and forensic analysis. Using this diverse tool set, we are able to match simulation to the actual empirical data and determine specific root causes of failures and failure modes.

icon for RF Power Amplifier Testing information RF Power Amplifier Testing
The EOC provides accelerated life-cycle testing and failure analysis of materials research for Transmit/Receive (T/R) modules. Our unique capability of analyzing device reliability and failure enables us to move the failure analysis from board level to device level. This information is provided to the manufacturers for incorporation into new device fabrication processes.

icon for Environmental Testing information Environmental Testing
An integral part of the EOC's ability to provide testing, evaluation and validation of electro-optic systems and components is our expertise in environmental testing. These efforts have significantly reduced system and equipment failures for our DoD Sponsors.