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DMC 2012

DMC 2012

Dave Ditto, Matt DiGioia, and John Mazurowski at the 2012 Defense Manufacturing Conference held in Orlando, Florida on November 26-29, 2012.


2012 Navy ManTech Project Book

Office of Naval Research

The Electro-Optics Center (EOC) is proud to be the Office of Naval Research, ManTech Center of Excellence for Electro-Optics. The following represents the title of each of the EOC projects that are featured in the 2012 Navy ManTech Project Book. A copy of the 2012 Navy ManTech Project Book can be found at the following link. Further information about the EOC's efforts on each of the EOC Projects can be found on the corresponding page listed after the title.

Manufacturability Improvements Enabling Production of Large Area, High Strength Spinel Windows, Page 34

Cable Fiber Optics to Provide Significant Cost Reduction and a Tenfold Increase in Bandwidth, Page 44

Automated Fiber Optic Processes to Result in Estimated $65K Cost Reduction per VCS Hull, Page 68

Photonic Mast Prognostic Health Maintenance to Reduce Cost and Increase Operational Availability, Page 69

Reduce Ship Wiring Test Time, Page 70

Significant Cost Avoidance Resulted from Manufacturing Improvements for the AIM-9X Active Optical Target Detector, Page 91

Fiber Optic Manufacturing and Installation Processes Improved for E- 2D, Page 92


Science Rules

FORD CITY, Armstrong County

Knoch Middle School students

Knoch Middle School students Chelsea Cimbala, left, and Carly Burdett dissected a pig heart at the Female Alliance for Stem Excellence Discovery camp which ran June 25 to 29 at Lenape Tech. They also mixed chemicals to isolate DNA, went geocaching and programmed software with 16 other girls chosen by their teachers for their interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


South Buffalo robotics camp puts fun into science

By Mitch Fryer, TribLive

"The robot-building team of Issac Beck and Caleb Bowser was stumped -- but that didn't last for long.
The miniature, computer programmed mobile robot they had built for a run at an obstacle course competition on Thursday during the week-long Penn State Electro-Optics Center sponsored summer robotics camp for middle school boys and girls at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Northpointe Campus in South Buffalo wouldn't follow the black line."
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Engineering students launch cantaloupes skyward


"Medieval catapults called trebuchets provided Penn State New Kensington students with real-world engineering lessons on Sunday..."
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Cantaloupes to be used as ammo in catapult contest


"Students in the engineering club at Penn State New Kensington sent a signed cantaloupe to the Penn State Electro-Optics Center, challenging the engineers there to join them in building "trebuchets," a type of Middle Age catapult, to launch the melons at a target."... More information:

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